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A+ Luxury Dog & Cat Grooming Salon & Spa

Mobile Cat Grooming

Leave the felines to us to promote healthier coats, claws, & paws, without the stress of home bathing!

Starting at only $45

Nail Clipping

Does your pet desperately need his or her nails trimmed? Leave the clipping to me!

Starting at only $35

Featured Pets

Take a look at some of the furry friends I have groomed of the years. Thanks again for becoming a part of the A+ Grooming family!

welcome to A+ Luxury Dog & Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming San Jose

"Your pets are more than just pets, they're your family. As a professional groomer, certified by The Professional Cat Groomers Association Of America, who loves all dogs and cats, I pride myself in offering quality, affordable mobile pet grooming services to keep your pets looking and feeling their best, from basic to detailed grooming sessions - all of which are a must for the health and well being of your furry companions."