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Whether you have a mud-loving lab that requires a heavy bathing, a silky-haired Maltese needing a fresh-clipped style, or an indoor cat that's prone to seasonal shedding, I have a service that's right for your pet's needs. My goal is to ensure each pet guest has an enjoyable, cage-free experience from start to finish, and you can leave happy with a friend that is relaxed, and eager to get right back into play time. My years of experience will ensure that you and your pet receive the best care, so you can go home with a cleaner, healthier cat or dog.

Mobile Dog Grooming San Jose

Mobile Dog Grooming

Periodic dog grooming is beneficial for all kinds of dogs no matter what breed they are, helping to remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff. Regular brushing also helps to bring out the natural oils in the dog's fur. As you brush, the natural oils are spread all over your puppy's fur giving the coat a healthy sheen. I promise to give your dog the best grooming experience ever!   Complete Services & Pricing

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Mobile Cat Grooming

Your cats natural habit of licking has a seriously harmful effect. The cat ingests large amounts of loose hair and creates dander on it's coat. Bathing and grooming of cats reduces allergic reactions and reduces the amount of cat hair that can be ingested. Your cat will love you even more!   Complete Services & Pricing

Cat and Dog Nail Trimming

Dog & Cat Nail Clipping

Nail trimming is a vital factor when considering your pet's health. If your dog or cat's nails get too long, they can break, which is painful and sometimes results in infection. Long nails can also cause an irregular gait that leads to skeletal damage!
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