A+ Luxury Dog & Cat Grooming
Mobile Cat Grooming San Jose

Mobile Cat Grooming

A+ Luxury Dog & Cat Grooming provides professional mobile grooming for cat at your doorstep, office, or any other convenient location so your pet is as comfortable as possible. This is a great option for pets that become nervous outside of their comfort zone and also for those pet owners who are super busy and time-strapped.

Cat Grooming at Your Doorstep

    Comb Special $45-$65:

    Indulge your feline in a customized treatment that begins     with a full fur and skin analysis, and is then followed by our:

    Full Coat Comb-Out
    Ear Cleanse
    Sanitary Cleanse

    Bath & Brush: $90-$115:

    We take our "Comb Special" package to the next level by     adding deep cleansing to the experience, which includes our:

    Bath with special feline shampoo
    Towel Wrap
    Shed Reduction Therapy
    Blowout & Fluff By Hand

    Flea Control Package: $100 & Up

    Flea and tick season has arrived - Make sure your loved one     is protected with the proper medication to avoid annoying     fleas and ticks. This package is the same as the "Bath &     Brush" package except I use an EPA registered flea     medicated shampoo containing natural pyrethrins which     eliminates fleas and ticks on contact and conditions your pet     coats, leaving them smelling fresh and clean.

    Hair Trim & Style:

    Enhance the health, comfort, and beauty of your kitty with a     fur-coat trim; styled and modified to best frame their     physique and meet their everyday needs. Choose from:

    Lion Cut - $90-$115
    Pelt Removal - $150 & Up
    Lion Cut For Matted Fur- $95-$150
    Sanitary Clip - $45
    Sanitary & Tummy Hygiene Clip - $70-$80

    Full Grooming Package: $125-$140

    Combination of the "Bath & Brush" package and "Hair Trim     & Style" package to make your little one look top-notch!

    Nail Clipping:

    $35 at your doorstep
    $15 for each additional cat

    Soft Claw Application:

    Front Paws: $38
    Soft Claw Removal: $10

    A la carte:

    Sometimes your kitty just needs a few touch-ups without all     the bells and whistles.

    Sanitary Clip: $45
    Dematting Service: $45-$65
    Topical flea medication: $16