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Dog Nail Trimming San jose

Mobile Dog Nail Trimming & Filing

That clicking you hear when your pup walks across the tile or wood floor could be doing far more damage than you think, and not only to your gorgeous floors. Neglecting your pet's nails can have some unexpected serious consequences for your dog. The dog injuries that result from untrimmed nails range from torn nails to arthritis.

    $35 at your doorstep
Cage Claw Clipping

Cat Claw Clipping

Is your cat a serial scracher? Trimming your kitten's claws is a far easier, and more humane, solution to the problem compared to declawing. When you keep your cat's claws trimmed short, it actually reduces the urge for them to claw furniture. Removing the sharp point also allows the cat to "scratch" without destroying furniture and upholstery. In addition, keeping the claws trimmed reduces the chance that your cat will catch a claw in the screen or upholstery and injure itself trying to get away.

    $35 at your doorstep